Best 4WD cars to go on hill stations


Most of the people love going on a road trip to Los Vegas Nevada or any other destinations of their like but are those the guys who are adventurous but in my opinion no those are not the most adventurous traveler in the world, I think those guys are the real adventurous guys who go on hill stations on their cars for the seek of new adventure and take cars over those roads where it is impossible for a normal car to drive on, on these kind of roads there are many 4WD vehicles that people use to cover all that distance on those hill areas.

All these 4wd vehicles are a little bit costly than other normal cars on which you take road trip because these cars not only have to be more comfortable because the road on the hill areas are very bad and they can give you the hardest time of your life, other than that the shocks of these vehicles have to be top notch and more than that they has to have powerful 4*4 engine which can take them out from any kind of thick mud pit because in rainy season there are a lots of mud pit in these hill areas.


List of cars


Here is the list of those cars that you guys should consider when you guys are going on a hill station trip or any other dangerous rod.

·Toyota V8

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·Honda Vezel

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·Honda BRV

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·Suzuki Potohar

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·Prado 4*4

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Should we buy these


Now the question arises that what is the price line of thee cars and should we buy it for ourself when going on a trip? The answer is no because these cars are very overly price and not anyone is able to afford these kind of cars.


Should we rent them


We all are not in the financial position to buy 4WD cars due to their high price range and so the best option to do is to rent these car from any rental companies which give you any best cars for a small price to go on a road trip and it is very easy to rent cars from any rental companies.

So all these cars are one of the best 4wd category of rental car division and if you want to get best rental prices rent a car at rental 24h.

Exotic Cars vs. Family Cars

When families are planning a vacation, some of them look for exotic, comfortable and affordable cars to accompany them on their trips without breaking their bank accounts. What encourages these family to rent an exotic car instead of a big family car? Fort example, you’re going to Las Vegas. Airport van rental Las Vegas may seem a perfect option for your family. However, you can choose a luxury car to make your trip really memorable.

To differentiate between exotic cars and family cars we have to know that purpose of owing is the main difference, so simply if the car is used for a family who mainly need to accomplish their needs of transportation and make savings it is better to use family car. When we talk about some individuals who like driving itself and care about automotive field it’s better to have enjoy driving an exotic cars with all its powerful abilities.

Exotic Cars:

  •  They have a high performance and they have the finest machines on the planet.
  • They’re exclusive and fashionable because of their rare occurrence.
  • They’re equipped with all the finest accessories.
  • They’re fun to drive.
  • Driving an exotic car is usually reserved for the rich and famous but renting one can give       you the privilege of living a luxurious life for a short period of time.
  • You don’t usually see a Cadillac or a Volvo every day, no less drive one!

Family Cars:

Their machines’ performances are not as high as exotic car machines.
They are common and outmoded.
The family cars aren’t equipped with the accessories so you have to purchase all the accessories.
You don’t feel special riding one.

Here is a list of the most affordable luxurious family cars in 2018:

-Acura ILX 2018:
Power horse 201 hp
Technology Package

-Audi A3 Sedan 2018
Power horse 220 hp
Automatic emergency breaking

-BMW 3 Series 2018
Power horse 180 hp
Can go from 0 – 60 km in 7.1 seconds

-Cadillac ATS 2018
   Power horse 272 hp
V6 engines which is one the most powerful engines

-Infiniti Q50 2018
Power horse 400 hp
V6 twin turbo engine which is also one of the most powerful engines

-Lexus ES 2018
Power horse 268 hp
Provides plenty of space in both rows

-Lincoln Mkz Hybrid 2018
Power horse 400 hp
It comes with adapting system and dynamic vectoring to help control all the power

-Hyundai Genesis G80 2018
Power horse 311 hp
It closely resembles the elegance of the Lincoln

-Mercedes C300 Sport Sedan 2018
Power horse 241 hp
Can go from 0 – 60 km in 5.8 seconds

-Volvo S60 2018
Power horse 362 hp
Can go from 0 – 60 km in 4.4 seconds
They can only be a couple of extra more bucks than what you’ve intended to pay in a normal family car in the first place. These extra couple of bucks can assure you an experience of a lifetime.